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The Blake Washington House

The title of the land goes back to the 18th century as part of the Fenwick and Hawks grants. From this time the land changed hands many times.

Much of the history of the land and house was believed lost during the Civil War, where the courthouse of Colleton County was burned. This property at that time was in Colleton rather than Dorchester County.

It is believed that the house was built in the summer of 1862. What is now the Bed and Breakfast was slave or servants quarters.

A survey showed that the original plan for the main house was two large rooms downstairs and two upstairs each opening to wide double porches surrounding the house. Stairs to the upper rooms once went up from the rear corners of the first floor piazza.

A center chimney supplied fireplaces in each of the four original rooms. Later a third story possibly an attic and a one story addition were added.

The house changed and changed hands as the land had before, finally in complete disrepair it was bought and transferred into two apartment units used during World War II. In 1970 the house became a single family home.

Changes have removed a portion of the downstairs rooms, making a center door, changing badly damaged plaster with sheet rock and lowering the high ceilings of the original house. At this time central air and heat were added.

Still changing hands more changes to the house as well. A greenhouse was added in the rear of the house and one of the two remaining unrenovated buildings on the property became a very modern and comfortable Guest House.

A small English Garden was added separating the Guest House and the main house and leading to the gated swimming pool area. The garden has lush tropical plants. Before the owner could enjoy the new additions, it was again sold.

The new owner started further landscaping and fencing the property. True to the past, she too put the house on the market to sale quickly but due to severe financial problems the buyer was forced to forfeit the sale and once again the house changed hands.

The present owners have somewhat broken the pattern of quick change of property but changes are still being made to the property.

The guesthouse is now a Guest House Bed and Breakfast, the last building to be renovated is now a garage and carpet to the front of the property while a potting shed graces the rear.

Tucked in one corner of the pool area is a gazebo and along another is a large screened porch opening from the house to the pool.

The Guest House now has a small screen porch nestled under a giant oak tree.

An abundance, some would say an over abundance of flowers and other shrubs shield the house from the street.

Until the next project, the hammers and shovels are stilled.

The history of the house as told by Beth McIntosh in Pineland Village can be viewed if you Click Here.